Dr. Oivind Jensen and Phyllis Jensen

Oak Tree Dentistry wouldn’t exist today if not for Dr. Oivind Jensen and Phyllis Jensen. Dr. Jensen and Dr. Carr together built the practice in 2013, with office manager Phyllis truly leading the way. Our dentistry and our commitment to maintaining a “green office” are guided by their influence, and always will be.

Dr. Jensen is a native of Moss, Norway. He moved to the United States and was teaching advanced dentistry at Eastman Dental in Rochester when he met Phyllis, who was managing a dental program at the same University. They married then moved to Naples in 1990, opening their first Florida dental practice in North Naples. Dr. Jensen and Phyllis built a very successful practice on caring personal attention, great customer service, and commitment to high-quality dentistry.

In 2013, the opportunity to build a completely updated practice for the last few years of their careers arose, and they decided to move forward with what eventually took on the name of Oak Tree Dentistry. Dr. Jensen had always been an advocate for the environment, and decided to put considerable effort into building this practice a “green”, “eco-friendly” office space. Aspects of the flooring, the wall paint, the technology, the waterless vacuum system, an amalgam filtration system, limitation of disposables, and a fantastic recycling program made this the first certified (Eco-Dentistry Association) eco-friendly office in Naples! In addition, Phyllis’s love for Art Deco really comes out in our office architecture, and her opportunity to paint in ways that bring out the form makes it one-of-a-kind.

Dr. Jensen retired from dentistry at the end of 2016. Today you can find him playing guitar in his band, writing short stories and memoirs, birding, and traveling. Phyllis served as office manager (the brains behind the operation) until January 2020, and will continue to be just a phone call away as she gets her first true taste of retirement. Phyllis has always been the biggest personality in the office, providing a spunk and a sense of humor the rest of us look up to. We’ll certainly be pulling her back as a consultant as often as she’ll allow us to.

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