What Sets Us Apart

Welcome to Our Caring, High-Tech Dental Office

It will be evident when you walk through our doors that this is not an ordinary dental office. We have designed our office to be welcoming and comfortable, with bright and inviting decor throughout.  Our reception area has complimentary coffee, tea, hot chocolate, espresso and cappuccino. WiFi and  cable TV is available, and we always have current magazines, newspaper and periodicals available. Our staff is exceptional, so you can look forward to caring and attentive service. Our doctors combine technology, advanced education, experience, skill, and perfectionist attitudes to achieve superior results when performing your dental work.

Whatever Your Worry, we Have a Solution for You:

  •  Do you hate the 2 week waits in temporaries for traditional crowns that lose their beauty over time and often chip? We perform our crowns digitally in just a couple hours, with nearly 4 times the strength of your traditional crowns and esthetics that don’t fade.

  • Are you fearful of impressions that cause uncomfortable gagging? We can instead use digital scanners to photograph your teeth for crowns, bridges, retainers, nightguards, invisalign, sleep apnea devices, bleaching trays, and more. It’s easier, more accurate, and far more consistent!
  • Are you worried about traditional injections that burn going in, cause numbness for hours, numb unnecessarily wide areas of your mouth at once, and often cause bruising and TMJ flare-ups? Lucky for you, Dr. Carr admits his own hate for “getting shots,” and accordingly has invested in multiple high-tech alternatives to numb more limited areas of your mouth without the initial pain and the hours of restrictions. We use buffered anesthetics that don’t burn or last as long, gentle anesthetic drips for single teeth to avoid an injection, and stronger modern anesthetics that can penetrate dense lower-tooth bone in order to avoid nerve blocks whenever possible. The result is a faster, more painless numbing experience that often allows you to eat as soon as you leave our office.

  • Are you too nervous to get your dental treatment without help relaxing? All of our treatment and hygiene rooms are equipped with Nitrous Oxide, so you can relax for treatment and still drive home!
  • Are you confused about your treatment options? One of the most frequent compliments we receive at Oak Tree Dentistry involves the amount of time and care our Dentists spend explaining conditions and options to patients in terms they understand. When you walk out of our office, we want you to understand what is wrong, why it happened, how to prevent it in the future, what your options are to repair it, and what this treatment will cost.
  • Do you worry that dental problems will be advanced and more expensive to repair by the time they’re caught? At Oak Tree Dentistry, we make sure to perform a thorough dentist exam at least once per year. We use laser cavity detection (Diagnodent), trans-illumination cameras (Cari-Vu) to see through teeth, high-quality intraoral cameras to photograph and monitor cracked teeth (Sopro), and high-resolution digital x-rays (Dexis) to catch your problems when they’re smaller and less expensive to repair.
  • Are you confused about where to go for specialty work (complex root canals, dental surgery, advanced gum treatment, implant placement, and complex orthodontics)? Here at Oak Tree Dentistry, we expect the specialists who treat our patients to provide the same level of dentistry and service that we do. We care deeply about every step of your treatment, and can refer you to the best specialists for your specific needs.

  • Are you tired of feeling nickel'd and dime'd or "sold to"? Here at Oak Tree Dentistry, we are honest and upfront about our costs. We do not charge to send records to you or your office up North. We do not stack on extra billing codes for procedures. We will encourage you to do what is best for your dental health, but will not push extra products and treatment that does not truly benefit you. While some other practices may advertise discounts and sales, we believe our conservative billing techniques and quality of care will ultimately save you money.

Our Commitment to You

In our practice you are our highest priority. We want you to be pleased with the care you receive and will do everything we can to ensure that your visit is positive and pleasant. We are committed to making dental care accessible and affordable so we offer:

  • Alternative treatment plans and phased treatment that fits your budget
  • Early morning appointments (starting at 8:30 am)
  • Insurance processing so you don’t need to stress over the forms
  • Interest-free financing for your dental care (CareCredit)
  • American Express, Visa and Master Card accepted

Our doctors and team members believe that everyone deserves access to excellent dental care when they need it, so we will work with you to find treatments and payment arrangements that work with your specific financial situation.

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Oak Tree Dentistry in Naples, FL offers a variety of dental care services including general and cosmetic dentistry. Our team will work with you to schedule your appointments and make it possible for you to achieve your goals. We invite you to call with any questions you might have and to schedule an appointment today.

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